Attention Local Businesses

Direct Mail Advertising
Still Works!

Get Your Advertising Message Out To
TEN THOUSAND Local Area Households
For only  (or less) per mailer.

100% Open Rate Guaranteed!

Now Includes Smart Mobile Coupon

No More Coupon Clipping

Attention Local Businesses

Get Your Advertising Message Out To
Local Area Households For only 5₵ (or less) per mailer.

100% Open Rate Guaranteed!

New For 2021:
Includes Mobile Coupon

No More Coupon Clipping


Without Spending Thousands $$$

  • TV/Radio depends on people watching or listening at that particular moment. Nearly impossible to tell if customers respond to It or not.
  • Outdoor Billboards do not have tracking ability and takes long-term exposure for people to notice and respond to it.
  • Coupon Packs are always getting littered across thousands of homes and only a small percentage ever gets opened. Your coupon could also be placed between competitors ads in sales fliers with multiple pages that limit your exposure.
  • Internet Marketing exposes you to people actively searching for your services, but for every person searching, there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them.
  • No Competing Ads! Don’t let your competitor steal the spotlight from your business.

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Our Coupon Mailer CREATES RESULTS!

This 9×12 Coupon Mailer is unique and unlike other traditional coupons as they do not need to be clipped to be redeemed. There will be a QR Code on the mailer that makes redemption super easy. Your customers simply scans the QR Code with their mobile phone to be redirected to the Smart Coupon website to select their desired coupons. Selected digital coupons will be sent to their mobile phone via SMS and email after submitting their request.

You Can try It Out For Yourself Now To See How It Works

Just scan the QR Code with your mobile phone.

You Can try It Out For Yourself Now To See How It Works

Just tap the QR Code to simulate scanning it with your mobile phone.

There are multiple ways that the coupon can be redeemed and tracked. We will also consult with you to help design your Smart Coupon and create an offer that generates results.

If you have ever done a solo coupon mailing, you know that it could easily cost several thousand $$$. By splitting the cost with other non competing businesses, your total cost is less than 11% of what you would pay for a single postage stamp. That’s less than 6¢ per household.


All Expenses Covered For Only $597, We Will:

  • Design a full-color digital coupon for your offer.
  • Cover the cost of printing 10,000 coupon mailers.
  • Cover the cost of postage on 10,000 coupon mailers.
  • Bundle the coupon mailers to meet post office requirements.
  • Deliver coupon mailers to the post office to be mailed to 10,000 households
  • Place your coupon on your listing for easy redemption.
  • Add your coupon to the coupon directory for 3 months.*
  • Upgrade your Free Basic listing to a Premium 1 Year listing.*
  • Send up to 5 promotional offers to everyone that redeems any coupon on the mailer.*

Each Side Of The Jumbo 9 x 12 Mailer Has 10 Available Positions

Contact Us To Reserve Your Spot On The Mailer Before One Of Your Competitors Locks Up Your Industry Category!

This is a lot of value for only $597. Once is established, the cost to be on the mailer will increase and will not include the “*” Extra Value options.

Businesses that purchases a space on one of our coupon mailers before September 1st, 2021 will lock in the $597 price with two of the “*” Extra Value options on all future coupon mailings that you want participate in.

Only businesses that purchases a space on our first coupon mailer will be able to send up to five promotional offers ( 1 per quarter ) to everyone that redeems ANY coupon on the mailer (This could be thousands of subscribers by mid 2021).

How could a SMS Text Message Blast to every subscriber affect your sales on a slow day or an event that your business is promoting?

This Extra Value offer will be removed from this page once the 20th space on our coupon mailer is sold.

Advertise to
10,000 Households for
Pennies On The Dollar!

Such a small investment
for a HUGE ROI!!

Direct Mail Is Still Effective In A Digital Age


Search Engine Optimization isn’t going to reach people who are not searching for your ads.


TV advertising isn’t going to reach people that only watch paid streaming services.


Radio advertising isn’t going to reach people that switch stations during commercials.

EVERYONE Gets Their Mail

No Obligation ‘Zero-Strings Attached’ Marketing Consultation

We will perform a detailed assessment of your business to examine areas of growth
that could lead to business increase of 25% or more.