Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

IF you’re a good fit, the costs vary quite a lot depending on what you need. Fees start as little as
$500/month but go up from there. Some campaigns cost $10,000+ per month, but the business is
happy to spend this because they’re making profit from our campaigns. You’ll get your free roadmap
showing you what kind of campaigns to use with no obligation to hire us.

What if I can’t afford it?

You’ll get your free roadmap showing you what kind of campaigns to use with no obligation to hire us.

Do I need to spend money on advertising?

That depends. If you want to find new customers & new leads: yes. If you’re going to work with your
existing customers and get them to spend more money with you: no.
My website it old & broken, will this still work?
Yes, we can implement these strategies even if you don’t like your website. We can also help you build
a new & better website if you’d like.

Are you just trying to sell me? I don’t have time for another sales pitch!

I’d like to provide you with some honest to goodness help – even if you don’t hire me. You are under no
obligation to buy anything and I’ll still make sure I help you. Only if I think you’re a good fit will I offer
you a proposal to work with me.

Either way, you’ll learn about this new modern form of marketing and get your own roadmap on what
to do next. Not every business even qualifies to work with us. That’s part of what we’ll find out in the

I’ve already heard of Facebook chatbots, how is this different?

Facebook chatbots are just one part of a very large puzzle here. The campaigns we design use
conversations and automation across many different platforms. This isn’t just about Facebook. We work
to build conversations on Instagram, Twitter, email, text messaging and Facebook. We can also
integrate word of mouth, contests and viral marketing into the campaigns we design. This is SO much
more advanced than a simple chatbot on one single channel. For some more advanced clients, we can
even add a human live chat agent to your campaigns.

I’ve tried Internet marketing before & it didn’t work. How is this different?

There are literally thousands of different ways to grow your business with digital marketing. There are
also a LOT of people our there who claim to be marketing experts, but then provide poor results. This is
because they’re not true experts. My partner is a 20+ year veteran who’s built multiple multi-milliondollar companies. If using some of the newest leading-edge tools along with his help doesn’t work for
you – I don’t think anything ever will!

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