Revolutionary Voice Message Service

Allow Your Website Visitors To Record Voices Messages On Your Website. They Will Thank You.

Call Centers / Radio Stations / Podcasters / Bloggers

Receive feedback and testimonials straight from the minds of your Customer, Callers, Listeners, or Followers.

We are offering a revolutionary voice message service that allows anyone to record a message on your website.

With the click of a button, your website visitors can leave a voice message and you are notified instantly via email.

No more typing long messages in your contact forms. If they have a lot to say, they can just speak what’s on their mind.

Seamless Communication Will Increase Sales

Retail / Service Businesses

When your customers know they can easily reach you, they’ll have more confidence in your products and/or services, and this will lead to more sales and conversions for you.

Customers who purchase and enjoy your product & services can also record testimonials that’ll help in converting new leads into additional sales. There’s nothing more convincing than hearing how well a product worked than through the voice of someone that has uses it. Voice testimonials are more authentic and trusted than written testimonials.

Radio Stations / Podcasters

Your listeners are the focus of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business. Your listeners could leave voice messages to praise your DJ’s or share comments about their local community events.

Call Centers

Callers can leave a voice message with their contact info and go about their day while waiting for a return call. No busy signal and no waiting in a phone que to speak with a customer care representative.

Leaving A Voice Message Is Easy

With just a few taps on a screen or clicks of a mouse, web visitors can:

  • Record their message
  • Listen to it to confirm it is clear
  • Re-record if needed

And click send.

This service works on smart phones & tablets with internet and any voice enabled PC or laptops. You receive notifications via email informing you that someone left you a voice message on your website. Simply click a link in the email to play the message.

You also have the option to download messages for future reference or post to your website / social media as an audio testimonial.

This innovative website voice message service could be the missing link that your business has been looking for to improve engagement with your customers, callers, listeners, or followers.